Act 5 Frenzy merc - multiple bugs

Portrait bug and damage numbers bug has been reported multiple times already so I’ll jump to the next. After extensive testing on this merc, almost all weapon affixes seemed to work properly. Crushing Blow is the one that stands out significantly, it’s either not dealing the intended damage that it should or it’s not dealing any damage. Open Wounds stood out as well, it worked but barely did any damage (might be testing conditions).

The testing itself was done in players8 offline on multiple different mobs in Cold Plains and Stony Field with the merc equipped with Tal Rasha mask, Smoke mage plate, 2x scimitars. One scimitar had nothing on it, the other one had 100% Crushing Blow or Open Wounds.

Thoughts that popped up from this, is the mercs Crushing Blow dealing missile weapon CB damage? As in, is it reduced? Like, the portrait is from an Act 1 Rogue that uses missile weapon (bow) so was there some coding copied from them creating this merc?

In addition it seems that equiping a weapon then swapping it to another give some kind of glitch, few tests below:

the follow tests on bnet on meph (used max battlecry to reduce his defence as much as possible). Equip was Arreats + CoH.

run1 dual grief:43s
run2 dual grief: 47s
run3 1xgrief: 50s
run4 1xgrief: 50s
run5 1x bk sword: 122s
run6 2x bk sword: 119s

Oath 340% NON ETH cryptic sword 22-338dmg, 180avg
run7 64s
run8 70s

Definitely just found something very weird by accident, not sure if related. Was re-testing the 1x 340% NON ETH cryptic sword 22-338 , which previously had these numbers:

run7 64s
run8 70s

After swapping back from a 2x Grief PB, all of a sudden I got:

run9 82s ???

Testing again, I got

run10 67s

Now, having in mind there’s a lot of weird main hand/offhand glitches in the game, I decided to repeat the sequence of events prior to run 9 and re-test:

  1. manually equipped 2x griefs
  2. replaced main hand with the Oath
  3. took off the other Grief

run11 81s ???
run12 80s ???

It’s consistently adding 10s to kill meph.

For comparison, 2x Grief was killing meph in 43-47s.

retested the 2xGrief PB setup as well

Previous results:
run1 2xGrief:43s
run2 2xGrief: 47s

run13 2xGrief: 52s (after swapping around)
run14 2xGrief: 36s
run15 2xGrief: 36s

Recommendation is to exit/reload if any kind of weapon swapping has been done; seems to have huge effects on results.

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Very interesting results, thank you for sharing. Something I noticed as well while testing is that the damage numbers were always identical, but it gives higher damage numbers if you put the higher damage weapon in the main/left slot.

I belive crushing blow has lower effectivity on more players setting and open wounds is doing fixed dmg based on level so if you test it on p8 you will not see it doing that much dmg really.

MacroBioBoi made a great videó about A5 merc.

Yeah, but it should deal some damage, right? Like, the merc was equipped with 2x scimitars that have 2-6 dmg and his damage sheet said like 300-400 damage or something quite low. Even when the mobs was above 80%, there was never any chunks even if small happening. Gonna test some more in lower player count to see if there’s a difference.

I watched it this morning, quite interesting. Not having the best day though energy-wise, gonna have to watch it again tomorrow when I have more energy.

Well he will be obviously garbage with scimitars :slight_smile:

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This is true, but should also be an easy indicator to when Crushing Blow procs if his weapons are essentially trash. Tested DClone on p1 and Crushing Blow deals damage, but not sure if it’s the amount it’s supposed to.

Gonna post a screen shot with DClone full health and then a screenshot overlapping it with 1 Crushing Blow hit on him from my merc to so maybe we can get to the bottom of this. If I’m wrong or mistaken in this, I apologize, but I really think it looks bugged. Change “DOT” to “.”
EDIT: this screenshot is in players1

I haven’t realy payed attantion my self. But there something whit CB and what weapon use in which hand, what if you only use one sword in one hand and such.

Thats about right i guess. Crushing blow takes like 1/18 or 1/24 of Life of something like that on players 8 setting.

Some people have been saying that certain affixes doesn’t work in offhand when that wasn’t actually the case. I could share my entire affix list from my testing that I got to work in main and offhand if needed. I haven’t really been testing with just 1 weapon so far atleast.

This was p1 though