Act 2 only farm


Im building an auradin with the only purpose to farm act 2 hell. oneshot these mobs.
i have a tesladin with almost 35 point in holy shock but unfortunatly very weak against lightning imun even with infinity.
I want to switch to a fire aura with the same setup, so around 35 points in fire. Im pretty sure that dragon is better as it gives 45 fire level and with a conviction max out better than an infinity. The probleme is im not on a ladder and i cant have the flickering flame.
Is it a big deal with no flickering flame?

I do also have a fire druide which is pretty strong for these areas but the purpuse is really to oneshot mob by passing next to them. So is a normal holy fire setup enough to kill instant or should i invest in dragon variant with no flickering flame? or do i stick to my fire druide?

appreciate your help

3 ±5% fire facets are better than flickering flame for damage, you’re good to go with a decent base.

so should i go for a double dragon and hoj + 3 fire facet?

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on your act 3 merc.

BOOM mindblown :exploding_head:

while you run full dream auradin with lvl 25 conviction aura

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Agree, shock or fire is not all it’s cracked up to be without lvl 25 conviction aura.