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SORT OUT THE LOBBY, give us our chat channels back. You need to listen to us, yes keep improving the game but give us our community back.


What’s wrong with the lobby? It’s exactly like I remembered it in D2LOD :laughing: J/K

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Please fix the online lobby before ladder launches.

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There are no fixed community channels, no trade. no baal run, no discussion. no banter, no q &a.
People say just type in the channel you want but if you can’t see the channel how do you know they exist. Ok create a channel same issue only people on your f/list can see it.
It’s nothing like LOD.


Fix the jumping games list they move around or disappear.
Let us select colours please for which type of writing that we see in the message box.


Could you update us on what’s going on, even if just vaguely or cryptic as posible, just don’t say soon, or i’ll have to start kicking puppies.

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