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SORT OUT THE LOBBY, give us our chat channels back. You need to listen to us, yes keep improving the game but give us our community back.


What’s wrong with the lobby? It’s exactly like I remembered it in D2LOD :laughing: J/K

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There are no fixed community channels, no trade. no baal run, no discussion. no banter, no q &a.
People say just type in the channel you want but if you can’t see the channel how do you know they exist. Ok create a channel same issue only people on your f/list can see it.
It’s nothing like LOD.


Fix the jumping games list they move around or disappear.
Let us select colours please for which type of writing that we see in the message box.


Could you update us on what’s going on, even if just vaguely or cryptic as posible, just don’t say soon, or i’ll have to start kicking puppies.


Objective PVP/PVM survival

Druid summon AI is lethargic

Mods for single player

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I have a small addition that could help me out so badly. A sound notification when someone entered your game. As in the other Diablo games.

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Blizzard won’t be taken over by Microsoft…they’re pros but act like noobs…the funniest memories of the past are gone and they’re ruining it. Someone please petition for the release of the fun memories and the appearance at that time, except for the bug items in the legacy. It gradually becomes a similar boring game. It’s like people who’ve never played Diablo before.

Necromancer skeletons remain when exiting the game;
The ability to increase the difficulty (8 players) in an online game in the menu;
Item Filters;
More monsters.

Sorceress teleport needs a 5sec CD ( enigma too ) for all other classes without teleport ( enigma ) to be worth playing too.
either your revised attack rating or las melee ranged physic dmg always hit it’s so unfair the spell always hit.
there needs to be a nerf for Coldmastery Hammerdin Javazon Lightingsorc and lifetap.

then the game will finally not only be playable in the low lvl but also in the late game if you don’t teleport everything through or make all monsters (boss) 1 hit dead

maybe then the cry for players 8 will finally pass and groups will finally form to play together because not all monsters are 1 hit dead or everyone teleports solo through all 5 acts in 10 seconds to the boss

  • Teleport: no longer benefit from faster cast rate ( RW: Enigma too ) or 5 sec CD
  • Cold Mastery: Enemy Resistance -% lvl 1 (-20% ) lvl 2 (-22%) lvl 3 (-24%) … down from -5% to -2% per / lvl
  • Concentration increases the damage for Blessed Hammer at 50% efficiency to 10%
  • Lightning Fury will release a set number of lightning bolts towards each of the surrounding monsters CAP @ lvl 20 to 20 Bolts
  • Amplify: Damage lowers monster Physical Resistances by 100% to 50%
  • Decrepify: Target’s Speed, Damage and Physical Resistance -50% to 25%
  • Life Tap: When Cursed are damaged, the attacker gets healed 50% of attack damage to 5%
  • Conviction: Maximum Resist lvl 20 -125% to -75% CAP
  • RW Infinity: Level 12 to 8 Conviction Aura When Equipped
  • Attackratin: Chance To Hit = 200% * {Attacker’s Attack Rating / (Attacker’s Attack Rating + Defender’s Defense Rating)}* {Attacker’s level / (Attacker’s level + Defender’s level)}
  • Poisen dmg can stack 3 times
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It’s time to wake up and shatter all illusions. The gaming industry is like any other. Just like in each of our jobs, there are decision-makers, and it’s the same at Blizzard. I get the feeling that the people responsible for the game’s development no longer have the strength, imagination, or ideas, they ignore the players and throw them scraps and the same reheated dishes. It really looks like the people entrusted with the game’s development have never had any experience with games, let alone Diablo 2. Imagine our bosses from our jobs given the task of developing a computer game and introducing new features – boom, Blizzard Diablo 2 team.