A5 Frenzy Merc taunt bug


today I’ve encountered a funny issue.

My A5 frenzy merc had taunted a monster (some spectre in countess tower) which he had taunted.

The funny part came, when my merc died - but the monster remained taunted. Not really surprising, so far, as taunt has a certain duration; however, the spectre kept attacking the dead (and thus invincible) body of my merc. The spectre even received “attacker takes damage of” from the dead body.

I know that in the latest PTR patch the thorns damage has been changed to “on attempt” rather than “on hit”, so that is not the surprising part. That is the fact that the damage came off of a dead merc’s body.

I have recorded a short video I could upload to youtube, should that be useful and neccessary.

This was on patch version whatever was still available for offline single player playing on 15th March 5 pm CET. (GMT+1). Unfortunetly, I didn’t write down the number, and since then, PTR has been shut down, even for SP usage.

Are you talking about PTR? Than it’s the wrong forum.

You’re right, I misclicked the topic.

It should be in the correct sub now.