A3 fire merc and trag-oul 2pc not working corectly

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Necromancer class set the Trag-oul’s set is sepose to give a set bonus +18 to fireball while wearing two pieces however when equipped on act3 fire merc, the merc only gains +3 levels to his fireball skill, I’m not 100% convinced if this is a bug or if it’s intended, however I’ve read, in PTR patch notes, that the patch’s intention was to buff the other than a2 mercs… It didn’t really worked out for a3 merc, so perhaps fixing trag-oul’s set bonus on act3 fire merc could be the major starting step in balancing them out some more during a future patch…

he has a “real” skill like sorc so oskill bonus is capped to 3. You can find this behavior explained on Arreat Summit, any page about an item with an OSkill.

definitely not a PTR bug.

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This is intended, and works the same on a sorceress. Oskills always cap out at +3 for characters that have the skill in question. As another example, Call To Arms can only give a barbarian a maximum +3 to the shouts it provides.

See the Oskill page at the Diablo wiki for reference. I can’t link it here, but it’s easy to find.

well ok… but this is really awkward anyways… necro can gain +18 to fireball and a measly a3 merc can only gain +3 from the set 2pc bonus. that is hilarious… with +18 as maxroll d2r ptr character planner says, such build would be actually decent ( as they didn’t have the cap at the time when I’ve checked…

Necro can gain +18 to fireball because he doesn’t have 20 hardpoints into fireball, he doesn’t have any of the synergies and he doesn’t have fire mastery (well aside from what the set gives him anyways.)

Like others have pointed out, this is how oskills work. It’s a matter of balancing things, if in this particular use-case kinda disappointing.