-75res from sunder charms is way too much

Oh… Thanks for pointing that out. Nevermind then. :+1:

Shows how much I play the hammerdin. :slight_smile:

OP is a Troll post right? Considering how absurdly broken these Sundered Charms are, 75% Resistance penalty for the element they’re making irrelevant is a small price to pay. Heck I’d argue 75 Resistance is not enough. Flickering Flame is the BiS Helm for Fire builds and gasps counteracts the penalty with room to spare. Cold doesn’t have Resist Cold aura runeword to fall back on but they DO have THAWING POTIONS that raise your Resistance by 50% for 30 Seconds based on number of Potions consumed. 50% is a huge chunk for Cold builds, specifically Cold Sorceress who with this Charm literally trivializes the game harder than a Hammerdin currently does.

As for Lightning builds, yeah they got it rough… NOT. I seem to recall numerous Resistance options like CoH(Armor), Smoke(Armor), Spirit(Shield), Sanctuary(Shield), Kira’s(Helm), Hoto(Weapon), Maras(Amulet), and Absorption gear(TGods, Wisps) that make that 75% Resistance insignificant when that Charm + Infinity = ownage of EVERYTHING.

Physical may have gotten screwed but Physical has always been at a disadvantage to Casters… TLDR: How these Charms got past the idea phase is beyond me. Once acquired, 1 skill goes BRRRRRRR


You have to play ladder to use the sundering charms anyway. By the time those roll over, so will the runewords.

the charms are limited to ladder players only?

regardless optimizing cold/fire builds around the -75specific res almost always results in a 5-20% dmg reduction that I’m just not gonna do a cold/fire build until they nerf this to -20 specific res.

gonna stick to my hammer/fistadin and ww/zerk hork for now.

Exactly. Stick to your fistadin…

Do you know if the Flickering Flame ladder recipe is open to non-ladder players in 2nd ladder season? Or will the item on the downgraded ladder characters become tradeable to non-ladder players?

that would help so much with the fire sorc build. Unless they do decide to nerf the -75self res to -20 self res :slight_smile:

i would say it should be more -res.

flickering flame for example is just so good with the fire one.
so i have to disagree

Fire builds have Flickering Flame. Cold slows everything down.
These charms are a joke and the casuals just dont want to play the game because its to hard.
RIP D2r.

only ladder players have this though. how do non-ladder players get this besides playing ladder?

nerfing your dmg is so fun. being forced to use spirit shield instead of a 4facet/phoenix shield or throwing away your skillers for res charms is so fun.

we already spent all this time thinking and spending hrs to adjust to hell mode resistances and now we have to add more resistances and lose dmg just to play the game normally like the hammer/fohdins, light specs, and physical specs without these getting nerfed in dmg.

great balancing right? nerf two spell schools so they can play the game while not nerfing the ones that can already play the game lol.

When the new season starts usually all the new runewords goes to NL. Also TZs might be a ladder only and thats depressing.

got a link? haven’t seen this yet other than forum speculation

They only drop in terror zones & terror zones are ladder only, at least for this season.

I think the new Sundered Charms should have a variable negative resistance range, spanning from -75% to -125% as I mentioned here…

type out your fire sorc build so i can see how much dmg you lose from getting +125 fire res (should be a very large amount without the ladder helm)

This topic is just way too much for me to answer with a quality tone. I digress.

so hard to show me your nerfed build because of stacked resistances :slight_smile:

Hey :slight_smile: Why are you even caring / commentating this much on a subject that does nothing for you, since you play Non-ladder, where you wont get the charms anyway (Seems so) - I would have hoped that they were for non-ladder too, but doesnt seem that way…
And: Yes, -75% is fine by me - light hurts (unless as everyone thinks and says, you use more charms and Sure, loose out on some ability but thats the cost of breaking an immunity - same as if they made an armor that broke fire/cold immunes, but then didnt have the huge Tal’s armor / Smoke res or SKullders MF bonusses - its all a sacrifice and you need to find the best fit for your char.
Having Flickering flame is just way beyond insane though:) for several reasons.

link plz, cant find the info on this

Pez Radar:

  • Lastly, I know there were a lot of voices wanting this in SP. I can say that it is being looked into but for now, I would expect this to be a Ladder S2 feature as we are able to make tweaks to online numbers on the fly while SP has diff values for XP and needs to be tuned differently. The desire is high, but we want to get this nailed down for ladder play first and will move into looking at it for offline afterwards.

From here :slight_smile: Sad but true.
I wont expect it to be available for non-ladder even though that would be nice:)

nothing in that area says anything about the ladder making sunder charms exclusive. the sunder charm ladder exclusivity info must be from somewhere else

if this was from him then dang that sucks. D2 is already boring cuz of the few viable build choices then to add more limitation because of ladder exclusivity is even more restrictive. great balancing and debugging :slight_smile: