-75res from sunder charms is way too much

unless you’re a pally or barb or light sorc/sin/javazon (which have almost no problems with immunities)

best in slot gear for frost/fire casters have very little resistance that these charms would hurt them to the point where people won’t play these builds like right now. Please tone it down to just -20 specific res. any more and it’s just counterproductive and leads us back to today. we’re not entering a new lvl above hell, we’re just doing an extra activity.


What? lol
You cannot be serious.


I actually like it, it makes you decide if you want to use it or not, insteadO of just using it without consequences
One thing I have issue with the charm tho, is that it give huge disadventageto melee while buffing caster…everything is back to 1.04 era again


best in slot dps gear for any frost/fire caster has very little resistance. this change forces you to sacrifice so much of your dmg just to play the game. “what? lol You cannot be serious.”

I hate it. It’s too much of a consequence. They need to nerf it down to just -15% all res or -20% of a specific rez. Dealing with resistance without the sunder charm is already boring, and to deal with ANOTHER -75 res like you entering into another hell mode without the necessary new tier of gear to adjust to this makes 0 sense.

This change will basically force frost/fire casters to remove so much of their dmg to play the game that this brings frost/fire specs back to where they’re been but creating a much larger dps gap compared to physical/lightning specs

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I’d rather see them roll between -75 and -125.


How much damage are you going to remove by adding 7 +11cold res (plus other affix) small charms to your inventory?


a lot because they’ll be replacing 5allres scs. that would make me vulnerable to all spells now except cold which is terrible. then i have to remove more dmg gear just to get all res, lowering my dmg by A LOT.

the dmg loss is so much just to play the game. i don’t even care about the terror zones. just want the charm but a much toned down version of it. -75 res is legit like going into a new hell mode. we playing the same hell mode with an extra tiny zone of monsters within it that you can opt out of once u get your charm.

Nice try bro. Hint - it’s really not going to be that bad when you start 1-shooting every monster. Watch out for these ice bolts going your direction.

ALl what you have to do is use 2x GCs (+30 res) and a 2x SCs (+11 res) to counteract the penalties of sunder. You do not have to change any of your actual gear.

Yes, loosing +2 skills from a category is not optimal (by no longer having an inventory of skillers), but its FAR from nerfing the build into oblivion.

Frankly that sounds like gearing problem for you than the charm. You choose power gear and take the consequences of lacking in protection thus needing charm to fix that issue, and now with the new charm, it just put your gearing choice to a bigger problem.

Just learn to respec your gear, or learn to gear better. This is the purpose of gearing in d2, and this is what make d2 fun

Your approach is the best way to solve this. It’s a flat 5-10% frost/fire dmg but still -75res is too much when we’re not getting a new difficulty but instead a tiny area just to remove frost/fire immunities. Having to nerf a flat 5-10% dmg just for fire/cold builds to play the game seems odd.

they should nerf it down to -15 all res or -20 specific res. Then it’s just a matter of paying the extra fees for the very rare all res ammys/circlets, chains of honor, 5allres scs just to play the game. Seems a lot better than nerfing a flat 5-10% of your potential dmg. This would make farming for ammys, circlets, bers, and scs a lot more valuable

meanwhile, this creates a larger power gap between cold/fire specs and physical/light specs. still can’t even play poison necro (the way dmg is framed/calculated lowers its dmg by an insane amount) or summoners because their dmg and AI is so awful


For cold/fire sorc just roll as ES sorc, then your resistances do not matter (except poison) 20 firebolt/fireball/mastery is enough damage to kill anything with an active sunder charm. Put the rest into ES/telekinesis for the ability to never die.

For cold/fire bowzon - dodge/evade/avoid for damage mitigation.

Cold/Fire druid - Cyclone armor for elemental damage mitigation.

The -75% res on the charms is fine.

OR! You can practice the art of evasion. Don’t be a GUMP and quit getting hit by monster attacks they haven’t changed for 20 years.



You put on a Sunder charm and then one shot everything in the entire game with one button.

If you take damage drink a healing pot. Just walk out of the way of projectiles. It’s not even hard. This game is pee pee easy. :rofl::sleeping::rofl:

Speaking of no consequences, you mean like rolling a Hammerdin, any melee with Reaper’s Toll, Summon/Poison necro with access to CE, Fire or Cold Druids?

But yeah, there should definitely be consequences for rolling a class that can’t deal with immunities. It’s not like Fire or Cold immunities are easy broken by Infinity… :rofl:

their dmg too low regardless so i never considered those 2 bad specs

hurricane build is mainly physical from tornadoes, the cold dmg is so little especially compared to a cold sorc with higher base dmg and -resistance from cold mastery
cyclone doesn’t help fire druid because cyclone’s synergies rely on the hurricane build spells (points from gear don’t affect synergies of talents)

is that why almost everyone dies to burning soul lightnings or pit lord flamethrowers even with +75 light/fire res? thought so.

-75% res is an insane amount just to play the game. should be -15allres or -20 specific res

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Those that advocate for it actually don’t understand how resistances work in this game.

The difference in damage taken is 4x when your resistance drops from 75 to 0…


-75 resist to a single element is a small price to pay for breaking an immunity.

Sacrifice a couple of your skiller charms for +11res small charms to that same element to make up most of it.

Or, do like I’ve been doing for so many years… Play a dual element build and don’t worry about it. :smiley:

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What price does hammerdins pay to clear 95% of mobs without any hindrance?

These charms only drop resistances to 95%, still gotta gear out to have respectful clear speeds…

The penalties across the different resistances also have great disparities…


Hey, I’m all for nerfing the one trick pony Hammerdin.

Don’t you know? This addition was the nerf to the pony. At least according to the developers.

In case you might have missed it…

Also, there’s still plenty of other builds that can address immunities without penalties. Corpse Explosion is case in point.

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