-75res from sunder charms is way too much

their dmg too low regardless so i never considered those 2 bad specs

hurricane build is mainly physical from tornadoes, the cold dmg is so little especially compared to a cold sorc with higher base dmg and -resistance from cold mastery
cyclone doesn’t help fire druid because cyclone’s synergies rely on the hurricane build spells (points from gear don’t affect synergies of talents)

is that why almost everyone dies to burning soul lightnings or pit lord flamethrowers even with +75 light/fire res? thought so.

-75% res is an insane amount just to play the game. should be -15allres or -20 specific res

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Those that advocate for it actually don’t understand how resistances work in this game.

The difference in damage taken is 4x when your resistance drops from 75 to 0…


-75 resist to a single element is a small price to pay for breaking an immunity.

Sacrifice a couple of your skiller charms for +11res small charms to that same element to make up most of it.

Or, do like I’ve been doing for so many years… Play a dual element build and don’t worry about it. :smiley:

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What price does hammerdins pay to clear 95% of mobs without any hindrance?

These charms only drop resistances to 95%, still gotta gear out to have respectful clear speeds…

The penalties across the different resistances also have great disparities…


Hey, I’m all for nerfing the one trick pony Hammerdin.

Don’t you know? This addition was the nerf to the pony. At least according to the developers.

In case you might have missed it…

Also, there’s still plenty of other builds that can address immunities without penalties. Corpse Explosion is case in point.

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Here’s what I’d be eyeballing:

From the patch 1.10 notes:
Blessed Hammer - Increased high-level damage. Ignores resistances of Undead and Demons. Added skill synergy bonuses
Edit: Ignoring of undead/demon resistances was removed in 1.13. So nevermind.

Take that ignoring of resistances out, add more magic resistance/immunes so the Hammerdin has to deal with immunities like any other class. He’s a PALADIN for crying out loud, he should be smashing faces with Zeal or other combat skills. Blessed hammers should be nothing more than utility damage in addition to his combat melee abilities.

As far as the Bone Necro, some tweaks will need to happen to help balance him out with any such change.

Basically redo the stats for every mob in game… Yeah, these ignorant developers will get right on top of that.

They have only addressed core mechanism of the game by changing WW and Druid attack speed and that has worked out so well…

From 1.08:

From 1.09:

Every patch is a Hammerdin patch…

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I miss my Zealdin back in the day rocking Shaeffers Hammer. He was a stud. :smiley:

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Depending on the roll, Flickering Flame on a fire build gives 85 to 106 fire resist, which more than makes up for the charm. Fire is the easiest to offset.

Fire is the biggest winner of this patch.

Poison Necro is the biggest benefactor of Terror Zones without the charms.

then i have to play ladder unless ladder-to-nonladder items are tradeable

I thought they said that the previous ladder-only runewords were becoming available in non-ladder at the end of this season. Is this not correct?

Hammers haven’t ignored magic resistance since 1.13, just FYI.
Patch 1.13c (Diablo II) | Diablo Wiki | Fandom

Blessed Hammer - No longer ignores resistances of undead and demons.

Contrary to its name Magic Resistant doesn’t increase magic resistance, it only increases elemental (fire/cold/lightning) resistance.

Mana Burn on the other hand is the one and only monster affix that increases magic resistance, +20%.


but are they tradeable to the non-ladder players?

I thought we could make them after this season ends. I hope that I’m correct, but would appreciate if anyone has confirmation one way or the other.

Oh… Thanks for pointing that out. Nevermind then. :+1:

Shows how much I play the hammerdin. :slight_smile:

OP is a Troll post right? Considering how absurdly broken these Sundered Charms are, 75% Resistance penalty for the element they’re making irrelevant is a small price to pay. Heck I’d argue 75 Resistance is not enough. Flickering Flame is the BiS Helm for Fire builds and gasps counteracts the penalty with room to spare. Cold doesn’t have Resist Cold aura runeword to fall back on but they DO have THAWING POTIONS that raise your Resistance by 50% for 30 Seconds based on number of Potions consumed. 50% is a huge chunk for Cold builds, specifically Cold Sorceress who with this Charm literally trivializes the game harder than a Hammerdin currently does.

As for Lightning builds, yeah they got it rough… NOT. I seem to recall numerous Resistance options like CoH(Armor), Smoke(Armor), Spirit(Shield), Sanctuary(Shield), Kira’s(Helm), Hoto(Weapon), Maras(Amulet), and Absorption gear(TGods, Wisps) that make that 75% Resistance insignificant when that Charm + Infinity = ownage of EVERYTHING.

Physical may have gotten screwed but Physical has always been at a disadvantage to Casters… TLDR: How these Charms got past the idea phase is beyond me. Once acquired, 1 skill goes BRRRRRRR


You have to play ladder to use the sundering charms anyway. By the time those roll over, so will the runewords.

the charms are limited to ladder players only?

regardless optimizing cold/fire builds around the -75specific res almost always results in a 5-20% dmg reduction that I’m just not gonna do a cold/fire build until they nerf this to -20 specific res.

gonna stick to my hammer/fistadin and ww/zerk hork for now.