-75res from sunder charms is way too much

unless you’re a pally or barb or light sorc/sin/javazon (which have almost no problems with immunities)

best in slot gear for frost/fire casters have very little resistance that this change would hurt them to the point where people won’t play these builds like right now. Please tone it down to just -15 all res or -20 specific res. any more and it’s just counterproductive and leads us back to today. we’re not entering a new hell mode, we just killing extra bit harder stuff in a small area…

This is not exactly a BUG to report…

For cold/fire sorc just roll as ES sorc, then your resistances do not matter (except poison) 20 firebolt/fireball/mastery is enough damage to kill anything with an active sunder charm. Put the rest into ES/telekinesis for the ability to never die.

For cold/fire bowzon - dodge/evade/avoid for damage mitigation.

Cold/Fire druid - Cyclone armor for elemental damage mitigation.

The -75% res on the charms is fine.

OR! You can practice the art of evasion. Don’t be a GUMP and quit getting hit by monster attacks they haven’t changed for 20 years.

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