30 days lock out but I logged in regularly, just only playing offline chars

I encounter the 30 days without login problem while logging into the game in PTR 2.4 (as long as since one week or 10 days ago maybe).

Today is March 26, 2022. I still cannot play offline. Same as my first time seeing this error: using Battle.net launcher, PTR version, only seeing Uninstall button. Enter game with the real executable of game, can see logo, queue only 1 person, and then the 30 days error. Click Yes, and repeat.

I was actively playing the game, but without playing the online chars. I was testing only my offline chars, as I can use Hero Editor to add any equip I want. So not logging in for 30 days is false; but I haven’t created game with online chars is true.


  1. Now before the real PTR 2.4 going online, I cannot play offline, right?
  2. Blz can you fix the error? At least the error msg is misleading: I have been using BN to connect to the login server actively, what I didn’t do was playing games with online chars. I think that should count as “login in in the past 30 days”. If you claim you should only log in, but actually you count the absence of playing online, this is a lie/discrepancy of wording/algorithm.


I also have this problem! Anyone know of a fix? I’ll add you to my MySpace top 8

PTR for 2.4 is over, not sure what real PTR 2.4 you are talking about. Official patch 2.4 for the live game will be on April 14th.

There’s a way for you to play 2.4 ptr offline still. At least for some people…

Yes I meant that. Anyway we now have official PTR open, I can start to play again. But now this time I will play my online chars once in a week to avoid such problem.