3 builds in one pally?

First i have a doubt (because if it wont work this build is ruined ).
If my merc have a concetration aura from pride, and i am hammerdin (using a diferent aura), will i get the +50% of the damage concentration provides to my hammers ???

my idea now:

My pally is lvl 93 now (so he has 104 skill points)
I am thinking in trying this build:
20 points in holy bolt
20 pints in FoH
8 points in pre req in combat skills
4 points to get 1 fanatism
so 52 points you have a foh smiter build. ok. The hard question is what to do with the outher half points i have?
I think a lot and i think is possible to get hammers too (it wont be perfect like a pure hammerdim but might do a lot of damage too).
-19 points in blessed hammer
-19 points in blessed aim
-3 points requisite to get vigor
-10 points in vigor
-1 point in meditation (explain later)
the concentration aura i intent do get from the merc

about the gear:
main weapon (+3Hammer +2foh CTA) + Spirit ; using with metitation aura; using foh, hammers and holy bolt.

Second weapon ( kingslayer; CB and Open wounds ; + Exile for life tap), using smite and fanatism

the rest would be just for get the usual stuff, teleport, all res, skills fch…
does anyone already tried something like these ???

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You get the damage, but a paladin conc aura is usually a lot stronger (because of +skills), so you will notice the damage loss.

I kinda was in the same boat (FoHdin with Smite), but for now skipped Hammer and put more points into smite, holy shield and fanatism. That said, it’s my only char currently for ubers/diaclone, so it was kinda necessary because I lack gear on ladder (no Grief…).

With better gear and enough +skill I will try FoH/Smite/Hammer as well later.