2.6 patch is seriously disappointed

Assassin is the only character to benefit from this patch
But I don’t think even that is a patch in the right direction.
“Mosaic” runeword forces Assassin item build
Expected value is significantly lower when “Mosaic” is not worn on both hands, and must be worn on both hands to use
In my opinion, Mosaic should be an item that has advantages even when worn with one hand.
For example,

when “charge” is consumed, there is a 10% chance to grant a buff that does not use “charge” for 240 seconds

Without this change, all Assassins in Ladder Season 3 will definitely go through the season for two-handed mosaics.

And about Druid’s Shockwave bug fixes, In this regard, I think Blizzard “deceived” the players.
You guys wrote this in the patch notes

implement targeted changes and buffs for the Druid instead of having a particular Druid build be strong because of a bug.

But you guys didn’t make any buffs or changes, only nerfs in the name of bug fixes.
The runeword “Metamorphosis” is not basically a Druid buff. It’s an “option” It is an item that cannot cover various druid builds, and it cannot appeal to the druid, who is evaluated as weaker than other classes, as a must-have. Of course, it’s a little better than the existing items, but Druid is basically in need of other changes.
To fix the Shockwave bug, I’d like you to provide a corresponding change.