2.4 anti stun mechanic and its impact on PvP

ya, imo either you would make it reset rly fast either you make it start a bit slow, like after 3 hit anime. But actually this mechanic could be a little too strong. Having like 2 fhr frame make it already easy to escape a lot of thing, but with that you would have 2, then 1, then 0… thats quite a long time spent with “nearly no hit recovery”. I guess you could also cap the mechanic at 3 frame lower than your current frame, and you would keep that fhr until you arent stun anymore (and then its reset). Anyway, as i said its a complicate matter anw, thats why blizzard needs to test it longer, and not in a PTR like this one where its really hard to build a serious pvp char.
Thats another problem i didnt talk about, but the current PTR isnt good at all to test PvP. Its a bit weird because Blizzard does that way better on wow… For D2 they could just do as some private d2 servers did in the past. Putting pnj who sell the required stuff, having the option to put your character max lvl if you want to etc

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some classes '/ builds would just die on the first 0 recovery frame

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Just wanted to say that Peter Hu was indeed a fan of PvP in d2, and did tailor the 1.10 patch around pvp.

He had an ama where he said so

This is an amazing topic and well thought out. I 100% agree that the FHR change they patched in is way too much and will ruin PVP. I think you’re suggestion of actual diminishing returns to stun duration after successive hits is the best compromise and will prevent permanent stunlock, but still encourage the aggressive gameplay and short stomachs that are so important to nearly all builds.

If nothing changes, the meta will be all ES sorceresses spamming from two screens away…

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All hands on this thread. Totally agree

Having enough fhr for 2 frame recovery is pretty much impossible, so I don’t think it’s an issue. The lowest realistic fhr is 4 frames on paladin at 86fhr, and then 3 frame hit recovery on druid in wearwolf form at 86fhr.

So if we reduce frames by 1 after each hit, that paladin would take 4 hit recoveries. But ya… I suppose you could do it without a diminishing return and just reduce to zero after X amount of hits equal to the amount of frames of your hit recovery. That would also be better than the current setup. In that case a sorceress would be “locked” for 7 full 7 frame hit recoveries at 86fhr vs 7 diminishing frame hit recoveries.

The whole point is to make FHR stat actually valuable! Cause it should be, but right now it is nerfed to ground. If you want to avoid stun lock entirely, you should build for LOTS of FHR gear maybe 200+, which in my mind is okay because you sacrifice LOTS of damage. So that’d be a cool option w/ 2 frame hit recovery

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we still need some anti stun mechanic in d2r somehow.

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I wasnt clear in my precedent post. Lets take a sorc with 8frame. After some hit anime she reach 3 frame. At that point its kinda easy to escape so she may manage it. But right after, if she is leaped / fohed / mb’ed, she will go down to 2 frame, then 1 frame, then 0… and be almost unstunable all this time.
What i meant is, I think the mechanic i suggested is also a bit too strong (tho nothing compared to the abberation blizzard showed us in PTR…)

Thanks Harg.

Blizzard Dont destroy PvP please

Ya I agree, could be too easy, but hard to say. Would’ve been nice if PTR actually tested that instead…

Bumping this. Let’s hope that the final PTR takes some of the feedback we have given regarding this issue. It would be nice if they were more transparent with how they changed these mechanics before launching them


I agree on this.
But the best fix is actually to bring back wsg.

I would love bringing back strenght bug and dex bug and its desync for better content as well.

Other than that i love new content, just be carefull blizzard, learn the difference between eias/ias/skill_ias as well as frw and efrw before you go all out on stuff :slight_smile:

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Well written and explained.
I only really did public clown fiesta dueling in LoD. I started to come to a few of the conclusions you wrote out in detail, but they were more theory to me than anything. It is good to see someone that spent a lot of time dueling to express how and why the system should is better than the current proposals.

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Hello Gel, played with you in d2lod :slight_smile:

I assumed it wasnt possible to bring back wsg because else they would have done so, but i may be wrong. Same for desync, str bug etc, its more a server issue than a game issue, and i dont think blizzard would want them anyway

I remember playing with you as well :slight_smile:

It should be fairly easy.
They will only have to hide the stats from inventory from server again and you got strengt/dex bug again.

They also constantly refresh all items in their current positions atm. Which is to avoid wsm bug. They say they want to have a transparent game. Instead u have 10 people every day not understanding why they hit slow when they put their fast base at main hand. And you have to tell every single one of them that now u have to Ignore the stats wepons give, cause if those stats makes it so that u can use your other wep then other wep will constantly refresh as main wep. So basicly they need to take off the wep giving stats, then stat until u can wear your other wep, then put back the wepon. “transparent”

Now concerning the wsg.
If the wepon swap animation is (unnafected/dont have to wait) for/by other animations, then you have wsg. This should be pretty easy to re-implement.

I dont see Blizzard being like “ok, those items can be invisible its ok we dont care” to be honest, which is why i have kinda given up on str bug

Definitely hoping we get an update on this at some point. I don’t see how this can go live. It would be ES sorcs versus all

Mentioning wsg and desync is a huge waste of time. Blizzard will certainly not be considering these options. Before the game was even released they said their top goal was to eliminate desync to make gameplay smoother. In with the new out with the old and I agree.

+1 for diminishing return on hit recovery frames

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This is a great response. I approve this message! Take my word for it, as I became a verb in this game.

i guess these fhr changes isn’t what we should be worrying about. the new 2.4 ptr changes is very concerning. new amazon buffs and druid buffs… rip pvp