2.3 Patch: Woooooow, look at THAT list of notes!

waheed taking those poison clouds like a champ now.


Agreed! It’s probably nowhere near the bulk of what has been done either! The big (under the hood) one is the upcoming PTR with the new and improved game database handling. Hope it goes well, to get rid of those timers! :crossed_fingers:


Cast on mouse location is a-FREAKIN-MAZING. This makes playing so much cleaner just hitting the hot keys!


Yo, they fixed how you can block people in lobby from the side now too
…i think

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Astrologists announced month of fixed viper poison damage. Amount of destruction keys increased.

I will miss that physical poison.


No this was the best

  • Fixed an issue when clicking on a linked item, the game could incorrectly display the previously clicked linked item

Yep, just tested it out in single player. The bugged breakpoints have been fixed and are back to the original LoD caps.



  • Fixed an issue where if you attempted to deposit more gold into your stash than the stash could fit, no gold would be deposited at all

Came looking for Stash, found a disappointing fix that didn’t even notice was there.

It really is. In a way it reminds me of when Blizzard North decided to change Diablo from time based to Action RPG. Not as drastic, but this really breathes new life into the game and PVP scene.

I also need to check out the new move to cursor without interacting with enemy mobs, that’s a game changer too.

Day after I get my engima to fix the skele problem lol.


great adjustments blizz. can’t wait for more small fixes! testing the necro summons now ^^

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  • Fixed an issue where newly created characters were not selected or sorted properly upon returning to the front-end

Good change!
There was a post about someone accidentally deleting their level 80ish character because they just created a character, but didn’t like the name. They assumed the new character was automatically selected.


fixed summons, oh my god that it pleases me and my army of skeletons!


Performance usually means something with server/client side machine performance. Maybe they reduced or refactored some ability particles or effects to reduce stress on our/their hardware.

  • Fixed an issue where overlapping Fire Wall or Blaze missiles could cause increased damage

That seems odd, I believe overlapping Blaze/FW always worked in the original game.

I’m guessing this is actually intended as a nerf to whatever was increasing firewall damage?


Anyone tested the summons yet? does an Iron Golem actually stick around and not take a break the moment he is summoned?

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Looks good. However, surprised nothing on the item vanishing stuff, like the cube, or corruption of game saves due to crashes.

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Checkmate, purists!!


sweet, they fixed weapon racks so it properly appears that you took the weapon off the rack after you click on it!

e: sadly the eth item/fade visual bug still exists where your character/gear is invisible when they are standing behind transparent wall :frowning:

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if the Act 2 Mercenary uses Jab while transformed with the Delirium Rune Word

  • Fixed an issue where auras could toggle off and on briefly while performing inventory functions

  • Fixed an issue where Tomb Vipers’ Poison Cloud attack was improperly dealing physical damage.; the poison clouds now deal proper poison damage

So glad to finally see these, took way too long.