22 Nights of Terror Holiday Event

I don’t think anyone in classic would object to a temporary drop buff or something to celebrate the holidays.

If you want to AI upscale your own images and videos, google “video2x”. It’s a Github project, and it’s free. It does a fairly decent job of upscaling, it’s definitely better than a simple blow up using Paint which results in aliasing. It has limits of course.

You’ll want the GUI as well, unless you like command line. Images don’t take that long to process… Videos can take a looooooooooooooooooong time, so you’ve been warned.

I’d post an upscaled version of the image here for you, but I’m scared Blizzard might get angry.

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Idk why everyone is so negative all the time. Seems like fun to me!


Srsly? Thats the game. If your build only deals a single type of damage you failed, sry. Deal atleast(!) 2 types of damage. And yes, dual immunes happen, skip them. Sunder charms don’t need to drop more often, they need to disappear.

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lol, good one.


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The negativity is understandable. People tend to get more resistant to change the older they get. :slight_smile:

There might be an appealing option available though… Ladder reset coming up for the original game in 2 days:

If Blizzard would only make it possible to play the OG with the new graphics… As long as you own both games.

AFAIK someone at the Phrozen Keep is working on a 3D graphics wrapper that would do exactly that so they can have expanded modding capabilities and modded multiplayer with the new graphics. They obviously wouldn’t provide any assets so you’d need to purchase both games. :slight_smile:

Seems their progress is fairly slow since it’s like one or two people working on it, I wouldn’t expect to see that until years down the road which might work out for the better anyways.

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That’s great to hear… I’d rather someone at Blizzard do it though.

Blizzard: “Hey guys working on this mod… Want a job? We’ll even provide a team to help. It pays good.”

Expanded modding? Perfect opportunity for Blizzard to show faith to a game we all have a soft spot for… No matter how many times it doesn’t give us that HQ Shako. :slight_smile:

As long as there is a drive to do it, the thought stays alive… :slight_smile:

I was too quick with judgement. Sorry was blinded by rage.

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Well i was expecting something good for first day of event. Not cow level, one of the worse terror zones.

Cow level whole day is basicly worse than switching zones.



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Yeah don’t listen to someone saying the truth xD

Sewers next pls


Np man. GL HF, and hopefully tomorrows “Festive buff” is more interesting.

what is this buff? i feel nothing change

Heh that’d be cool, unfortunately they’ve made their stance quite clear: original D2 will be the only place for hardcoded/multiplayer mods while D2R will be limited to single player softcoded mods (officially anyways).

I don’t think they’ll ever reverse this decision unfortunately, they could reinstate TCP/IP at the flick of their wrist but they’re not going to. I mean, maaaybe they could after D4 releases and D2R eventually goes into maintenance mode but I doubt it. :frowning_with_open_mouth:

I’m just sad they gutted TCP in the first place. I get that it was most likely a decision made by the suits after the whole Tech Alpha debacle and the devs likely had no choice but still, it hurts.

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Non terrorized cows already can drop up to zod and yeah they can drop few more uniques when terrorized but cows are terrible for elite hunting and white mobs drop uniques or sets very rarely compared to elites. Cow king is only interesting thing there wjen terrorized. Xp is not that good also.

Normal and nm cowsdo not have increased loot at all. So yeah,not very good zone.

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just had an arachnid mesh drop in cows and im like yeah happy days and then it rolled ethereal :frowning:

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Shows how informed you are on the game, when cows is one of the most popular zone :joy::joy: At least now you have more time to troll the forums :heart::candy:

If you don’t play something like a Cold Sorc the Sunder doesn’t help much before you actually find gear to lower the resistance further.
Cold Sorc, can just slap on easy to find gear (Spirit, Smoke, Lore are good examples) make sure they have decent FCR and high resistances, then skip most content with teleport, beat Hell, do the TZ’s that have few cold immunes once the Sunder drops steamroll the game in early NM gear.
Other than that, almost every build and definitely every class can beat Hell SSF some just need more creative play than others, be patient and look at those 1-point wonders most forget as well as easy changes to damage most classes can make with gear tweaking.

You seem to have chosen a Freezing-Multi/Strafe build, not the easiest to beat Hell SSF I’ll say that, tbh possibly one of the hardest times I had, if you can skip dual immunes that’s often your best option, otherwise you will have to prepare for those battles.
I found Harmony to be a helpfull, Insight on switch to get the juice back fast and crafted knockback gloves.
Act 3 Fire Merc (how awkward it may sound) can also help a little if you have a decent Valk and knockback/multi, however maybe nowadays a Frenzy Merc with 2 high elemental damage weapons or good amp/decrep chance weapons if you have them, (basically if you got a good drop for it or can make a Lawbringer) might be a good alternative if you can get it tanky enough.

However you chose one of the harder builds to solo (and probably self-found or low trade), so struggling should be the norm imo, if even the weaker SSF builds wouldn’t struggle on Hell than D2 would no longer be D2, we might aswell call it D2r3 and let everyone bypass the Storymode with a press of a button so they can go wherever they want.

If they did that I’d say goodbye to D2r and go D2LoD, eventhough I would miss some of the QoL changes and even some of the skill changes, overal however I think these Dev’s did tons more harms than good, mostly because it simply feels they have no idea what D2 is (or atleast most of them).
But I don’t think they want that, even if they had everything lying around to do it without spending any time on it.

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Hey! I resemeble that remark, except for the beard and living in my mum’s basement!

Ya, I was hoping they would at least give us back old xp tables for cows when I saw this…but I forgot who was holding the event.