10.5 xBox / PS Patch Notes are up

This one seems focused on stability.

I noticed my console auto updated. It’s showing 1.0.66065 PROD-RELEASE on the title screen.

Noticing any improvement so far?

Nothing huge i think, maybe game doesn’t crash or gold don’t disapear from stash, but major problems like nobody to f***** play witb you is not possible like is not /player 8 command.


For me, I didnt have a single stability issue before … others will have played it more than me though.

Hopefully it’s a shift forward. Will see what others experience.

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7.17gig worth of patch. I’d say there’s probably more in this “patch” to be released later. Can’t see more than a third of the game file size on making sure the gold from stash doesn’t disappear. My game may have crashed once in the whole time playing it and haven’t run into any real bugs personally. Pre-ordered before beta and do t have any real issues aside from not being able to have an online experience on console

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Lol no kidding, not being able to play with anyone is by far the biggest issue. If we are stuck with this lame matchmaking it at least needs to look for people in the same act not doing the one specific quest we are forced to pick. Playing hardcore on Xbox is a major letdown, as far as I can tell the community is about 3 players deep.


Mine is showing 607MB patch downloading.

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I’m one of them lol. Gamertag F34RTEHR34PER.

The new patch has fixed matchmaking for ps5 it appears. I joined first game with a team of people in hell

Xbox one update was only 700mb.
Version 1.0.66066 production realease.
And if your aying on Xbox use the Xbox looking for groups. There is over 400 listed.

Oh if only they could simply patch in Players X, and I’d be happy. That would be all I need.


Hey new on ps5 diablo anyone down to play, haven’t see anyone yet

can we please get lobbies like pc? this console matchmaking makes it impossible to find anyone to play with

additionally, it’s impossible to trade for specific items, essentially forcing console players to explore 3rd party options

it would be so nice just to make a game “ko+fal for lem”

The patch just landed on my Switch: So far, so good… Except there still appears to be no way to do playersX in it. And still no word from the dev about that issue.

Still no multiplayer party finder.
Nothing works as expected.
This is smoke into our eyes. Do you make as Stupid blizzard?