1 day and still can't beat the Playbutton Boss

It’s been more than 24hs and A LOT of us still can’t even execute the game. Not even to play offline. We have more than 2k responses on this topic already…
Game Doesn’t Start - Press Play / “Launching” then Game Crashes

Futhermore, on the topic below the AVX problem, which supposedly it’s what’s keeping us for playing, it’s 5th on the list of priorities. Even other things which have workaround are priorities instead of being able to enter the game and create a character.
Diablo II: Resurrected - 9.24 Update

If we could at least login offline and play, this would calm the waters, but instead you’re resolving other issues.

More and more people are leaving Blizzard’s games everyday and what’s happening here only gaves more reason to it. We continue to lose hope on you and, in the not so far away end, we will leave you as a community thowards companies that aprecciate us.


Tbh I’m not a microsoft certified IT person. I am savvy enough that I did my own troubleshooting with setting the exe as admin and manually adding the game to my firewall and approval. I would think the average joe without a step by step walk through would be oblivious to these things. With that said a game that was just polished should be a simple plug and play deal. All of this jumping through hoops like a circus monkey to get it to run is garbage!

I don’t know what AVX is nor do I care. The fact I can play COD or any other game of heavy requirement out there tells me a 2 decade old game that was just updated and able to run on an I3 is a no brainer imo.

Just create a patch and fix and reimburse all those who have had to endure your stupidity dev’s. In game items would suffice but partial reimbursement is A-Okay with me also.

Be the last time a buy a game with Blizzard at launch or a pre-order deal. I can’t play what I’ve been looking forward to for months but these bozo’s have my money… SUPER CRAP!


First they insult thousands of people’s intelligence by providing a link for everyone to get refunds while they blew the issue off as a “You don’t meet requirements” problem. Then the community had to figure out what the problem was on their own and then explain it to Blizzard So if Blizzard can’t figure out what is wrong with their own software, what makes you think they can actually fix it? The reason it’s is so far down on the priority list is because they have no idea how to fix it.