Online SSF Mode

not really
you have access to anything that anyone else has

So you are content with streamers having a platoon of followers assisting, effectively fully gearing up within a week with little effort on the streamers part. A SSF Ladder would be great! Would really seperate streamer clowns from real players.


Yeah, but i would love to watch the streamers compete against each other in the ssf race


i would play this mode exclusively


It makes a lot of sense. Many people feel alienated by unfair practices: D2jsp, botting, streamer-privilege.

I like the idea because it enables fair competition. Sadly, I would prefer my fantasy pipe-dream where we all play the game from within-the-client only, but Blizzard isn’t entertaining that idea.

By within-the-client, I mean that our d2 experience is taking place 100% inside the game: no trading forums, no 3rd-party-program, no streamer privilege, etc… but that’s a hard, nay, an impossible egg to cook :grin:

It would require a revamped in-game trading system (marketplace, viable currency standard), expanded chat system (server chat, lobby channels), modern hack/bot detection, etc.


We still need online SSF mode or ladder, more than ever…


The race to lvl 99 is really cool to watch, but most non-streamers just can’t keep up with the premade teams and so on.

The voices for an online SSF Ladder are getting louder and louder and it would be something where the normal player can participate. How interesting and what a reward it would be to reach lvl 99 in SSF first, without equipment from the known side and without the help of others.

i would be very happy to participate in something like this and also watch others do it :slight_smile:


I love this idea, its important to me that there can be no swapping items between chars. Each character starts with nothing, even if its the second character on same ladder.

Would be so so badass.

At the end of the season, just dump them into nonladder pool.


Online SSF + Holy Grail catalogue/stash


This game will keep being played 30 years from today


An online SSF with player x command would be great for us who just want to fight and loot for days!


It’s just a pity that probably none of the developers reads this forum anymore or would attach any particular importance to our feedback. On the other hand, there is also a lot of crying and freaking out about every crap, so it’s understandable haha.

No its not, because youre competing against people who do.

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what exactly do you mean by the statement, I just somehow do not understand the context ^^

The beauty of online SSF is: You cannot really get it wrong. I dont particularly want P8 on it, but it wouldnt ruin it. I dont particulraly want sunder charms on it, but again it wouldnt ruin it.

Terrorzones on a 1char SSF online ladder might actually be cool.

These things however, do ruin the base game.

Thats exactly what im doing this ladder

Like you said, just cant go wrong

Are you not enjoying ladder after ladder that is dominated by the same unemployed streamers or JSPers?

Ok. Ladder is a joke, always was. Only thing that matters is playtime. Might as well create a Ladder for hours of CNN watched, it’s the same.

Make a SSF ladder for HC as the only ladder and make it so you can’t log out or TP during a combat window and if you alt f4 or disconnect your char auto-dies and we would make baby steps towards real skill-based D2.

As long as JSP is allowed to exist ladder is a joke, cause I can be full gear on day 2 with 20 year old forum gold and solo farm p8 games exp with my 7 dummy copies.

The more nolife you go in D2 the more successful you will be, granted, that could be said for other online games, but D2 is just such a prime example.


Check out the first reply on this post on /r/Diablo

There’s always a lot of support for SSF Ladder on /r/Diablo

I want to see LLama vs Teo on a Solo Ladder, enough of the ‘have 7 grown men to let you solo an area’ garbage, ALRIGHT!?


Honestly what’s the point? Anyone who thinks that its going to have a chance against speed runners/streamers is just delusional. And after one of them wins, then what???

the point is to have the option

the possibility (of competing/beating streamers) is something else

some here can put the hours and the effort so why not let them?


Hmm, interesting how the first reply is now the second reply. Are some people here downvoting that comment? :joy: