Your support is seriously useless

I swear asking for support is such a hassle and a waste of time. I keep getting back copy paste messages that have literally nothing to do with my issue. It’s as if they don’t even bother to read the ticket.
I dare any Blizzard employee to ask for support using their own support system.
I stopped supporting Blizzard or buying their games years ago over how petty they can get towards their player base.


I just reported an issue with a game that they don’t even support any more - Diablo 1. They fixed my issue within a day. They were awesome. Thanks, bye.

After a bunch of back and forth with the bot I finally got a human to answer. Why does the process of asking for support need to be harder than pulling teeth?


It’s always been a human, Engage. Yes, they use templated responses because typing a custom reply to every one of the 1000s of responses per day would kill turn over time.

As to your complaint about the ticket not being read, many factors go into answering a ticket. Was the customer clear about their problem? Did simple spelling and grammatical mistakes change the meaning of the ticket? Did the agent read it over too hastily? Simple human error? Etc, etc. If you had issues with how a GM performed, use the survey at the end of the ticket process. Those are collected by the GMs’ managers.

It’s unfortunate that your experience was negative, but that’s certainly not the norm. Over the 1000s of tickets that are handled per day, there are going to be mistakes, but statistically, they are few and far between. In the 35 or so tickets I placed in my years playing Bliz games, I can only remember one that was a problem, and it was resolved when I reopened the ticket.

Thank you for clarifying that. I had looked around and everyone else on here seems to be having similar issues.
In my last response I was asked to message live support. I’ve been waiting all day for it to open and it still says it’s unavailable.

The live chat and callback have reduced hours because of the pandemic due to many agents working from home. However, I just checked the Live chat and it’s currently open with less than a minute wait.

Apparently I needed to disable a plugin before it would show. It would be nice if someone from Blizzard would add a message onto that page. There is a message about popup blockers but it didn’t show until after I had disabled the plugin.

It is not 24/7 report if a human isn’t available 24/7 to help.

The web ticket system is staffed 24/7.

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i deleted 2 characters by accident is there anyway you can help me out. i can only get one of the two i deleted.

Support needs to answer questions from its customer base. I recently had a CD key deactivated, so the game said to contact support, which I did. The recommended (AI generated response?) said I was basically hosed and pushed me into buying a new key. I pushed forward with contacting support and received a rather nice fellow who asked for my key, I had assumed a D2 LoD, so I provided it and he got back to me with some details about it actually being my base D2 game key being disabled. He summarized about it being due to some Terms of Service violation about third-party software and again pushed me me toward purchasing a new key. What third-party software was he talking about and why would I buy another key if it could happen again without me knowing what caused it in the first place? In decent time a game master replied, not answering any of my questions and said, “This penalty has already been upheld, and we are unable to provide further details about the violation in question. Any further requests on this topic will not be addressed.” This is not support! This is a nice way of saying to someone you’re hosed, we took your key, and we want you to buy a new one. This is also not transparent, despite the suggestion of a Terms of Service violation, because there are zero details and none of my questions were answered, or even attempted. I refuse to buy a new game key or any new products from Blizzard until things shape up in a big way. Say goodbye to a life-long loyal fan. If I cannot trust you with the small things, then I cannot trust you with the large things. This is how you lose business and it’ll take a complete culture shift back to the fan-based game-first atmosphere of the past to see me return.


They banned me for 3 days for asking for a name change because of people falsely reporting me afk and refuse to unban me and i wanted to avoid their abuse
Then i can’t log in to give feedback
Then they ban me from wow for 6 months for exploiting/botting when i didn’t exploit or bot i was playing with one hand laying on my bed defending bases and it’s literally the same topic so now i am appealing a ban for something i didn’t do while a lawyer told me to report blizzard to esafety commisssion in australia because the lawyers don’t know how to help

I swear allen needs to do a full audit of customer support

And now my pc says display port no signal so i AGAIN i can’t give feedback about this

It is getting hard defending blizzard when this is happening to me

And i am literally their “idea guy” and they ban me for something i didn’t do because support is useless


MVPs are not employees, ŜǗMPĨŊǠǙŦTIJȂ. So I can’t do anything about this.

Also, public call outs are against forum rules. You’re putting your posting privileges at risk by doing so.

What was the issue with Diablo 1? Your CD was scratched? LOL

We are talking about real issues with current games here. Thanks, Bye!

If statistically it is not the norm then why is the Internet painted with how terrible Blizzard support is? I mean have you even Googled “Blizzard Support” ???

The rarity is to get a resolution and have a good experience with Blizzard support. Blizzard should really care about that!

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Because people typically only voice their negative experiences. Positive experiences are rarely talked about. Thus the negatives get naturally concentrated in a way that is not a representative of the whole.

For example, in my 25 years playing Bliz games, I’ve never had a negative experience with their support. Which is likely the majority of the 1000s of tickets Bliz handles non stop every day.

The bordmember that advised cutting support costs before the Microsoft acquisition uses messages like yours as lube. Thanks, bye.

I work in support and we get 1000s of cases a day. We could NEVER treat our customers this way. You shouldn’t get a canned response on your initial first response. Support should take the time to actually read the tickets. You can say what you want but the support at Blizzard has declined. I can’t even imagine an employee is saying we can’t personalize our responses so we use canned responses. Like what!?!

i needed to change my email and did a typo when doing it , now it says the email i put in is already in use and won’t let me change …net to a dot com. my email for years was a dot net and did it out of habit. i put in a ticket and 3 different moderators and sent me the same questions that i have now answered 3 times . in my eyes your tech support is utterly useless update #2 finaly got the email problem fixed and they wiped out my account everything is gone my purchases everything Thank you for your continued support update#3 i am being ignored by blizzard support i have sent the 3 messages about this and not one reply . what does it take to get thing done right around here