Your CD Key is Currently Being Used By - D2 LoD

Hi Blizz,

I’ve been getting this error for the last couple of hours and many others have too. Is something going on? I don’t bot or hack btw. Thanks!

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I’ve been locked out for the past 5 hrs as well. Suddenly got kicked out and couldn’t log in again because Cd Key in use.


I’m having the exact same issue.


Know at least 3 others having this issue right now. My issue was this but now I don’t even get past Checking Versions. This has been going on since before 3pm Eastern.


same problem here… is there a solution yet?

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Also currently experiencing CD Key in use for approx. 24hrs now.

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I tried staying off this all night and am experiencing this problem as well.


It would be nice for Blizz to respond to this as it appears to be a wide spread problem!

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I had submitted a ticket yesterday asking them to manually disconnect my accnt if it was stuck, got a response a little while ago saying that it wasn’t showing as online and that I should be able to log in normally. Still not able to log on after router reset and reinstalling.

I’ve also had this issue! IT’s just freaking frustrating!! Paying for a game you can’t even play…WTF! Mine disconnected well over 24 hours ago and I can’t even get passed the checking versions portion. It’s my entire account/CD Key that’s blocked…

I asked my bro to log in my account from his computer and he logged in without an issue or lag…

Happened to me yesterday afternoon as well… Still can’t get on with those keys… I bought new ones that worked. and I played all morning, but now it won’t let me make a game, has me in que 8000 deep…

Approximately 24.5 hours ago I got disconnected, and I have been receiving the same CD key in use issue.

When you get the message for Cd key in use , is there any name written by who it is used , or the field is blank ?

I am also having this issue, over 24 hours now. Says it is in use by me. Reinstalling doesn’t do anything.

24 + hours now.
i was talking to jesus through a hole in the floor, he said our time is up we can’t stay anymore.

Mine has my name on it

I have been offline for 24+ hours. Still can not get on because the same problem persists: BNet claims my CD-key is in use. This is a CD-key created by your web site and used by me for some years, not purchased on the open market.

they really need to fix the probleme lot of people having difficulty to play the game, they still selling the whole game for 30 $CAN and they dont even fix those problem or what? its sad i cant log in for 2 day too now :frowning: