'You can't install this game yet' error code: BLZBNTBNA000000C8

I am trying to download cold war free multiplayer trial and this is all I keep getting.


So I had exactly same issue from yesterday.
First I thought it was because I entered wrong date of birth. Sent the ticket to Blizzard and they changed it. Still cannot download. I’ve also deleted blizzard app, caches(all folders with Blizzard and Battle.net on %programdata%, %localappdata%, %appdata% & %temp%).
I’ve also tried beta version of the battle.net but there’s no option to download free CW, only to buy full one.
Lastly, I saw that people using VPNs are solving similar problems, so before I tried using one I randomly decided to restart my router. And that helped… Not sure why, but I have game now downloading. Hope this helps.