Yet another "Phone Number is Invalid" Problem

Ey everyone. Brand new to this site. Been playing Cod and Overwatch for a while now on console and decided to move over to PC.

Or I would have, but when I tried to launch Warzone, it asked me for my phone number for the umpteenth time, and then told me my number didn’t exist for the umpteenth time. Submitted a ticket and checked the forums to see that this problem is pretty common.

I have Cricket as my provider, have had the same number since my first phone over 15 years ago, and for pretty much every other service I use it’s fine. But Blizzard/Activision seem pretty keen to make it seem like it isn’t valid.

I am unwilling to open a new line and get a new number for the simple sake of two games, but I would like to play them. I’m guessing no one has figured out a simpler work around? Because it seems the service is doing what it does best about the problem and ignoring it, hoping we will just go away.

Either way, Cheers.


Same issue here as well, I have Cricket plan as well and it’s not Prepaid so why the hell is Blizzard throwing invalid error ? I use lots of other sms service with my Cricket and had zero issues so far until this Blizzard thing. What is going on ? Use Twilio if any software dev in Blizzard is seeing this duh !!