Yes another Dev Error 6068... but its worse!

Hey guys… So I know there are a 1000 of these Dev Error 6068 threads, so I am sorry. I have always had the random crashes from time to time but now there is a new issue. I am having crashes every time I open the game in the menu 100% of the time with the 6068 error, even in safe mode. I have Googled the issue and I haven’t found anything recent. This is both in Warzone and Cold War…

I have tried the following fixes:

Ensured all drivers are up to date, including GPU

Switched to fullscreen borderless, WZ and CW

stock clock speeds for GPU, WZ and CW

adv_options VideoMemoryScale to 0.5 from 0.85

Scan and repair, WZ and CW

complete uninstall and reinstall, WZ and CW

I am honestly starting to lose my patience and am out of ideas. Is anybody else experiencing this issue or does anybody have any other ideas? This and Cold War are the only games I am having any issues left.

System Specs:

Intel I7-9700k @ 4.6ghz

Nvidia 2070 Super with +100mhz core clock and +260mhz mem clock

32gb DDR4 @ 3600mhz

800w Corsair PSU

1 2TB NVME SSD and 1 2TB 2.5 SSD

I appreciate any help and ideas… and once again I apologize for making another Dev Error 6068 post.

Do you overlcock at all? If you do, suggest try running without and see if it resolves. I used to get Dev Errors and discovered it was related to my video card memory overclock. My overclocking had been stable for more than a year with other games, but not WZ.

I swear the 2070 is hindered in some way for this game. I have the 2070 and always see other people complain about 2070 performance with this game. They’ll never fix it. incompetent devs.