Wrong pricing in Colombia for WoW Subscription

Hello guys, i’m wondering what’s happening and why the store has this weird prices, since the store change from USD to COP in my country (Colombia).

Now if I want to buy a 12 month sub, it’s pricier than the 6 month sub per month… And the store still tags the 12 month as best deal when it isn’t. That was not the case when it was in USD and I think it’s not fair.

You may not understand the conversion from USD to COp at first, but just looking at the numbers it just doesn’t make sense, the 6 months sub it’s $51.900,00 per month while the 12 months sub it’s $53.633.34 per month

I don’t know if you can post a picture in here but here is the imgur link in case of you can:


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Seems like a huge oversight that they don’t even provide us with the option to pay in dollars in cases where the exange may favor the user, specially consider that a 6 month sub is nearly half a month’s minimum wage in the country.

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