WOW51900319 when falling in specific spot in Shadowmoon

I have had this happen twice in short order in the same place in Eventide Bay and it was as I was going off of a small drop and as i fell it disconnected me. The first time it happened I was on my tundra mammoth and after doing the self-service move to the GY at the garrison, I suspected it might have been related to my tundra mammoths vendors so I put it away and used my dreadstead instead. I didnt really seek out taking the same route, it just happened to be the path around a hill and toward my next quest objective and ended up in the same space and got disconnected again on my dreadstead. I reconnected again and tried to dismount in case it was mount related, still got disconnected but the next time I logged in I was already dismounted and same error. I tried to self-service move again but see that I am now in a 4 hour window that I need to wait for. I have exited the game completely and tried again but same error. I tried logging into another character on this server and that one is fine and tried having him send a single copper in mail to see if I could make the character “dirty” and that might change something and this also had no effect. I was able to get a screenshot of the exact location where the error occurred as well.

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