WOW51900319 disconnects WOW WOTLK

Im not certain what it is, but ever since the new launcher or a recent update/fix ive had massive issues with the game disconnecting every 5 min or so. It boots me to the login screen. I then relog with no issue only for it to happen about 5 or so minutes later. Ive tested my network and its stable. Ive disabled firewalls and antivirus to ensure i have a clean connection. I have changed cables. I have flushed the DNS and renewed connections. I have disabled addons.

Nothing works and i still get a “WOW51900319 Disconnected from the Servers” Message. i didnt have this problem a week/ten days ago.

I also have some in game issues where when i change characters i get only a blank screen. I have to fully relog to see my characters. I also have ingame mail issues where items cannot be mailed to my own characters. Its becoming extremely frustrating to have to relog EVERY SINGLE TIME to resolve stupid issues that were not there a week ago.

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