Wow zoomer blizzard is so greedy

The new age blizz is really so greedy that they are going to re-charge us for a game that is 25 years old? All the money that most of us have spent over the past 30 years and they are going to charge us for something they finally decided to recycle because the new team cannot compete with the team of diablo 2 era, and charge us for it? You should be on the stand right beside suckerburg and the rest of the ceo techs.

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Okay wise guy… how exactly is blizzard supposed to know that anyone bought any of these games before?

It’s actually worse. I redeemed my CD key for Diablo 1, Warcraft 2, etc. in the old

You could download the clients without the disc etc for years. When did the huge modernization they removed all the classics from download. Now I have to buy the games again it seems to play them when they used to be in my account. I’ll have to dig out my old CD cases and see if I can redeem the code or not still for account add.

D1 and WC1 predated CD keys, thus they didn’t have one.

WC2BNE did have a CD key, but it wasn’t something that could be redeemed in Battlenet, instead, it was entered during the installation process. Anyone could download WC2BNE from Bliz, however the key was need to install it.


Answer the first question please. I was wondering the same thing myself.

The OP’s question?

Yes, they would need to be repurchased. The reason is that there’s no way to prove past purchases.

D1 and WC1 predated CD keys, so there’s nothing that can verify the purchases.

WC2BNE did come with CD keys, however, the validation system needed to recognize them no longer exists. Meaning, the modern Bnet won’t recognize them if people try to redeem them in their Battlenet account. To test, I tried redeeming my WC2BNE CD key in my Bnet account. It wasn’t recognized.

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