WoW Spells API return 404s

Hi! I’ve started to dig through the WoW GameData API and I’m running into some issues accessing some data. I essentially want access to a raid boss’s abilities through the dungeon journal but attempting to retrieve Spell information through ID seems to 404.

Steps I’m taking:

  1. Hitting the /journal-encounter/<journalEncounterId> endpoint with ID of 2428 (Hungering Destroyer)
  • Request URL:
  1. This returns an appropriate response where one of the listed spells come back in this format:
      "id": 22178,
      "title": "Consume",
      "spell": {
        "key": {
          "href": ""
        "name": "Consume",
        "id": 334522
  1. I grab the id field under spell (in this case 334522) and use it to hit the /spell/<spellId> endpoint which returns a 404.
  • Request URL:

Some additional notes: