WoW Spells API return 404s

Hi! I’ve started to dig through the WoW GameData API and I’m running into some issues accessing some data. I essentially want access to a raid boss’s abilities through the dungeon journal but attempting to retrieve Spell information through ID seems to 404.

Steps I’m taking:

  1. Hitting the /journal-encounter/<journalEncounterId> endpoint with ID of 2428 (Hungering Destroyer)
  • Request URL:
  1. This returns an appropriate response where one of the listed spells come back in this format:
      "id": 22178,
      "title": "Consume",
      "spell": {
        "key": {
          "href": ""
        "name": "Consume",
        "id": 334522
  1. I grab the id field under spell (in this case 334522) and use it to hit the /spell/<spellId> endpoint which returns a 404.
  • Request URL:

Some additional notes:

I just wanted to bump this topic, it’s still happening. I can report the same issues with spells referenced in Encounter Journal responses returning as 404 responses when retrieving their data. Even using the exact key that is returned by the API response to fetch that spell’s data doesn’t work.

Can we get an update on this Blizz?