WoW Realm Status Indicator

TLDR: Specific to World of Warcraft realm status, however I would like a feature allowing players to select and display their primary realm’s current status on the Desktop App.

I realize there is a website dedicated to displaying all of the realms, but the majority of players only care about 1 main realm. Even if it’s just a small green icon for available, red icon for my server unavailable, and gray icon for all servers down off in the corner somewhere, or a little red or gray light that only appears when my/all servers are down. I also realize this is something that has a solution with a quick google search and some scrolling, but the purpose of the launcher is to centralize tasks and information. The process would become: open launcher, see icon, “oh no my realm is down”, instead of: open launcher, try to get in game, fail (repeat last two steps as player personality indicates), go to website/forums to check realm status, (and/or actually read the blizzard updates on the launcher instead of ignoring them: they’ve become somewhat of a Cried Wolf warning since these updates seem to be always up), ctrl-f [server name], “oh no my realm is down”
Edit: Server to Realm


Great idea! /Charactercount

That this isn’t already a thing is certainly a surprise. A no brainer if you ask me.

It would be especially nice since they keep increasing the maintenance in 1 hour increments. so far I’ve seen the 8, 9 and now 10 am maintenance finishes.

Just to be sure when you say server you mean realm right ? And I believe you are suggesting this feature integrated in the launcher with some filters to track your most used realms.

Just pointing out the distinction between realm and server because of how wow technically works. A realm is a named subset of Guilds and Characters that might run across many different servers.

If that is what you are suggesting I think it is a good idea.

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You’re 100%, I did mean realm not server!

Why isn’t this a thing?
I have seen tons of other mmo’s with this information directly on the launcher.