WOW Mac Os Ventura won't install

Hey there,

So i recently started playing wow again. Today was the first day i played it on my own laptop a 2017 macbook pro.

I was playing all good and got a few dungeons in until my game started to crash every time i logged into server.

So i tried re-installing the game but i wasn’t able to, I then decided to format my laptop (It was due a format) and re-installed mac os ventura.

Unfortunately i now can not open the game at all and it won’t download i keep getting “We’re having a problem transferring data. Please check your internet connection just in case and try again.” error code.

It should be noted i’m trying to install WOW on a external ssd. I was able to play just fine earlier on today but now it won’t even download or install.

Has anyone got a fix for this issue cause i’d love to get back into this wonderful game.

There is an official Mac Technical Support Forum you can look through and do searches. It can be reached here: