WoW Item Data from API -- Outdated?

I’ve noticed more often than not that item data from the API is outdated. At least, pieces of the data, such as descriptions. Am I doing something wrong? The endpoint I am using is:{item_id}/

For example, Enchant Ring - Pact of Mastery (item 153444) increases Mastery by 40. The API data, however, says Mastery increases by 1,286. This is outdated and is the case for most all items using the API.

  "id": 153444,
  "description": "",
  "name": "Enchant Ring - Pact of Mastery",
  "icon": "inv_misc_enchantedscroll",
  "stackable": 20,
  "itemBind": 0,
  "bonusStats": [],
  "itemSpells": [
      "spellId": 255077,
      "nCharges": 1,
      "consumable": true,
      "categoryId": 0,
      "trigger": "ON_USE",
      "scaledDescription": "Permanently enchant a ring to increase Mastery by     1,286."

How are people able to get the current item descriptions and stats?

Greetings azurne

What you are experiencing here may be a bug with the Item API exposed through the WoW Community API.

In accordance with the Community API Migration, we would recommend moving your consumption of the item data to the newer Game Data API endpoints at /data/wow/item/{item_id}.

Please do let us know if you experience any issues with the Game Data API endpoint.

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I was wondering the difference between the data/community endpoints… thanks for the link! Good to know about the migration.

Using that endpoint /data/wow/item/{item_id}, the stats/description information is not provided. With the same enchant item above as example, it gives me:

  "_links": {..},
  "id": 153444,
  "name": "Enchant Ring - Pact of Mastery",
  "quality": {..},
  "level": 120,
  "required_level": 0,
  "media": {..},
  "item_class": {..},
  "item_subclass": {..},
  "inventory_type": {
    "type": "NON_EQUIP",
    "name": "Non-equippable"
  "purchase_price": 2500,
  "sell_price": 625,
  "max_count": 0,
  "is_equippable": false,
  "is_stackable": true

Is there something I’m missing or are stats/descriptions something to be added to this data API at a later point?