Wow has hard frozen my mac 6 times in 24 hours

Please fix your mac client as world of warcraft has hard frozen my mac 6 times in 24 hours while playing. The only way to get the mac working again is the hold the power button down until the computer powers off. The cpu is less than 1 year old so It’s not a drivers/updates issue, it’s a wow program issue. Would love a gaming experience that doesn’t harm my hardware, or at the very least if there is some way to have wow auto close if it freezes so that I don’t need to hard power off my system multiple times each day.

correction: 7 times in 24 hours.
It has happened 3 to 4 times in the Maw, when walking up the hill from Venari to the Oribos portal, at the top of the hill each time is where it freeze locks everything.

update: another 4 times in the past hour the next day. Tried keeping the force quit window open while playing wow and was able to close wow once when it froze, but the second time in an arena game when it locked up, couldn’t even access the force quit menu that was visible. Might need a junk computer if playing wow bc this program is too hard on quality machines.