WOW Game Updates Being Downloaded And installed

Greetings Everyone,
I have a question for Blizzard.

I would like to know why when you do weekly scheduled maintenance on Tuesdays I never get an update from the maintenance until late Wednesday Evening. I always do a check for updates after maintenance on Tuesdays. Both The Live Version For Wow And The Burning Crusade Version. And They Always Come Back With None. That Is Until Every Single Wednesday night.

Please Explain to the community why the Maintenance is being done but updates are delayed from downloading and installing.

Thank You

Quick Addition It is now Thursday And Wow Live Retail Is Now Again Doing Another Update And Install.

So again I ask. What is the maintenance Actually for on Tuesday IT IS OBVIOUS it does not install the updates on the day of Maintenance.


It is Thursday 10P.M. EST And Now Wow Launcher Is Doing A Download And Install update For The Burning Crusade Classic. THIS IS NOT TUESDAY MAINTENANCE Is It?