WoW Game Data API- active World quests?


I couldnt find a way to retrieve the currently active World quests (in BfA). Is it possible through the Game Data API related to the quests category?
Apparently wowhead (world-quests/bfa/eu) can do it but I wonder if this done via an add-on and not through the Game Data API.

Based on the site above (and I’ve checked in-game, the quest is active)
www. wowhead. com/quest=52398/work-order-ultramarine-pigment is active and very likely the questId is 52398.
But when I use the Game Data API data to retrieve the info:
eu. api. blizzard. com/data/wow/quest/52398?namespace=static-eu&locale=en_US
I get a 404…

Could anyone confirm if / how to retrieve the currently active list of world quests using the Game Data API?

Did you ever find an answer to this?

It’s done via the addon, not any web API.

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