WoW error code BLZ51901016

So ihave been trying for the entire night now, ~5 hours, to fix or figure out what this problem may be. Only thing i can think of is a connectivity issue as all drivers are up to date and my laptop is definitely not too old. I have reset my ip with the command prompt on admin, as well as multiple other commands to mess with the cache, connection, ip, etc. If anybody has even a clue, i would very much appreciate it. I tried to send a ticket to blizzard support but it seems they dont care and wont even let me send a ticket on the issue. Ive used blizzard, started on SC, since i was 4 years old and this is the most frustrating thing i have ever had happen with them.


There is some troubleshooting available for that error code here:


If you’ve already tried all that or if it doesn’t solve the issue, then post on the WoW Technical Support forum… here:

The forum here is for technical support on Blizzard’s Classic Games — legacy games such as Diablo II (2000); it is the wrong forum for WoW.

Best of luck in your games !