WoW Dragonflight prepurchase

Okay… wth is going on now. Why does it feel like the prices for games are going straight up now. Dont we get any discounts at all when we already have the other expansions??? Even the Overwatch 2 beta is 40 eur. You get Overwatch 1 with in. But if you already have overwatch 1 then it’s just a waste of money. Atleast give us a code, which we can redeem on another blizzard account. Blizzard none of the stuff you guys are doing right now. With prices, bundles n such. Please fix yourselves…

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When buying a basic expansion, one should at least be able to play the game for a month.
Especially if pre-purchased.
As is, I can actually buy an expansion at a full games price and still not be able to play the game, even though everything before is payed for.
I can also pay extra for not be able to play, and I can buy way before I have any idea what I am paying for, and still not be able to play.
I can then pay extra + extra and I will be able to play for 1 month.
The insane high subscription people pay is for maintenance and new content. It by far covers the expansion.
If basic included 3 months sub, the next 4 months, and 5 months for the highest priced expansion package, Blizzard would still be greedy, but come greatly closer to fair prices.