WOW Default Selection for Edition Keeps Defaulting to Second Choice (Starter Edition Account)

When I open the battlenet app and select to play WoW I would expect to have it default to the first account, however it will randomly select the second account for me, which is the starter edition. It’s confusing and problematic to hit ‘play’ out of habit then realize I’m in the wrong account. Any way to have it remember the previous selection, or at least default to the first option consistently?


Same issue over here after latest build.

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Same issue here.
I have multiple accounts… each time I start the app it randomly selects an account.

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This indeed a bug and thank you for raising the issue! We’ve identified the cause and are currently working on releasing a fix.

It is expected for your last launched account to always be selected.

This is extremely annoying, happy you’re fixing it!

that is great news. i was coming here to post the same issue until i saw this one.

Please don’t make it default to the first account, make it default to the last account used.
I’m having the problem where if I launch the WoW shortcut, It keeps defaulting to the first account. When my main account is the last.
Thank you

This should be resolved on the latest release of the Beta Desktop App - version

Thanks again for the reports, let us know if you continue to see this issue!

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After latest release the launcher reverted to live version instead of Beta.
Cannot locate the WoW folder; when I direct it to the location it states the file is missing from that folder.

Had to locate Overwatch and Diablo III folders manually as well; no problem using the file locator function.

“Installing” a second copy of WoW now will update when done.

Reinstalling the game fixed the issue but should not have been necessary.

Hi, I am having this problem with WoW hardcore, with my retail account it works correctly but when I start the classic hardcore game it always pops up the secondary account without time… it is frustrating, do you know any method to solve it?