WoW crashes PC on Launch

My WoW Client will crash my entire laptop when attempting to launch. No blue screen, no error codes, my computer just blacks out after I press “PLAY” in the client and then resets.

Sometimes, but not everytime, when opening the client after a crash/reset I’ll have to re-enter my login and I’ll also get a window that says “we scanned for your games and found this” or some sort and it lists WoW. On a particular string of crashes, it even once failed to locate the game file despite the file being in the right folder when I opened the file location through my desktop shortcut. That eventually led to the uninstall/reinstall I mention below.

It might be worth noting that this uninstall was not without it’s issues too, it would not uninstall the program through the Windows add/remove program, saying that it had already been removed. I then had to manually delete the folders to make room for a reinstall.

This crash has only occurred when attempting to launch. In the instance I can get the client to run, I never crash while actually playing the game.

Typically on reboot I’ve scanned and repaired and been able to play but now that’s not solving the issue.

I’ve already uninstalled and reinstalled both the and wow clients, run memory diagnostics, renamed the Cache, Interface and WTF folders, deleted twitch (I was using that to download and install addons), and updated all of my drivers. I also have my power management set to High Performance and reset my video driver settings. Temps appear to be normal. Battery is fully charged and plugged in.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The same issues to me right now. And only WoW is the problematic game. Other games possible to play. And I guess, the support also won’t helping so I guess also that I will quit WoW because of that. I will see how the tech support will answering my ticket with the log.files which I have sent to them also.


Then seek help on the WoW forums (providing a link to EU region forums since your BattleTag shows a EU account) :

This forum here is for technical support on the Battle.Net Desktop App.

Moderator Note: This thread is locked as it’s unrelated to the Desktop App.