WoW Community API Patch Notes - 2019/12/17

Hey y’all,

The WoW Community API patch this week contains fixes that we’re making in order to allow the API to stay live until the new migration deadline. Without further ado:

WoW Community API Patch Notes - 2019/12/17

Auction House


  • Removed the owner field from the linked auctions.json files.

Character Profile


  • Added the id field, indicating the character’s ID.
    • This field has the same value as the id field returned from the /profile/wow/character/{realm}/{name}/status endpoint.
  • Internally, this endpoint now adheres to new Data Protection guidelines. This means that some older, inactive characters which were previously valid may no longer exist.



when will this change be live? and do characters need to login to set this value for us to see?

All changes will go live on 2019/12/17 during normal business hours. We do not have a specific hour of the day as of yet. Characters will not need to log out of the game for changes to take effect.

Is the seller data also being removed from the in-game auction house?

No, none of these changes affect what’s available in-game.

This is now live in all regions.

Um, why exactly was this change made?

This is one field that allows us to spot bots by analyzing users who are somehow posting tons of auctions every hour nonstop for weeks on end.

How are we supposed to spot and report these if we can’t see the information?

Not to mention this field is needed for just about any notification services that auction based sites provide.


This change was made due to implications of the new data protection policy taking place in early January. You can see a previous discussion over this here.

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