WoW Community API Migration Deadline Reminder

Hey y’all,

As a reminder, on 2020-03-16T07:00:00Z, the Community API will be turned off. All clients will need to migrate to the new Game Data and Profile API endpoints by then.

For more information, check out the World of Warcraft Community API Migration Status Report and the announcement post.

If you have any questions, let us know!



Character Professions IN PROGRESS - last one im waiting for …


I am really hoping that the amount field for child_criteria on achievements like “Toying Around” and “Fashionista” will be fixed before the Community API is turned off. Otherwise, I will have to disable toy and appearance leaderboards on my site, which is a real shame.

Like Ulminia, I am also waiting on character professions and recipes. Thank you!

We expect professions and recipes to be released in the next few weeks. I can’t give a specific date. I don’t have any updates for pet abilities other than that we’re working on it.

Unfortunately, we will be turning off the Community API on March 16 whether these endpoints are released before then or not.

Thanks for reporting this – we’ll take a look.

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Will the mounts API be fixed by then?