Wow Classic Player Armory/API

When will the API for player profiles and/or guilds be available or in an armory, which was indicated would happen after the launch of classic, since it was not apart of Vanialla itself, and was released in TBC.

Since Wotlk is appearing soon, when will the proper endpoints for Players and guilds be available and/or when will armory be available, which i would assume have those needed enpoints?

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I second this. If they don’t want to build their own armory just give us the api and let us do it :slight_smile:

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Classic PvP Leaderboard hasn’t updated in a week. It seems like the whole api is just abandoned and there is no communication at all from blizzard. To me it seems really unlikely that there will ever be any kind of armory.


@Korakk-1142 be nice to hear from a Blizz dev about this, seeing as it was promised in CLASSIC (Original) to be coming out since it was apart of the game.

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We just need the API (Player/Tradeskill).
We dont need the complete armory page :vulcan_salute:

yes please, Classic 1.14 needs some love <3

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Hello !

Please give us access to the profile api !


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still no reply from devs :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

We are very hopeful that the Wotlk API will provide more data than currently on TBC. The implementation of achievements, statistics… Profile APIs would be really great news to create content, strengthen the community.

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seems like we will never get an answer :rofl:

Still waiting on information on WOTLK :(. The blue posts around here have been super rare lately.

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As the Developer of WoWClassicPop .com, i would love if they would give this information, it would make my site irrelevant but actually provide quality of life information for players wondering about populations, progression of players and guilds, and just so much.

until then, WowClassicPop .com will move to build a Armory type system for the classic community, since blizz is sitting on their a $s here.

Would love for any other dev’s to help, my github is scarecr0w12

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“IF” it was going to happen it would have by now im sure they “could” have plans for it but if it hasn’t happened yet its probably not going to…

keep in mind i have no inside info nor have i been told this by a community manager this is my personal opinion and experience forming my own personal opinion on how these things have been developed over time

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so the old post is active again, but no dev response until now :cry:

26 days so push this post :woozy_face: #Push


We need a Profile API with valid data!