WoW: Charged twice for 3 months subscription


I used my credit card to help my brother pay for a 3 month WoW subscription
but I got charged twice for one subscription.

Your very automated and impersonal customer support told me that my financial institution could charge two transactions until the transaction is billed, however my bill now shows two transactions.

I have told my financial institution about this and hope they will refund me for I am being charged twice for a service my brother will receive only once.

In the past one of my brother’s accounts was banned for him being refunded, you labeled this as fraud so please refrain from doing so again.

Please email me so we can figure something out.


You would be better served to post in customer support for warcraft than here I believe. But, I’ve never seen someone actually be billed twice for the same subscription time. If the charge is put through and fails for some reason it can sometimes show up as a transaction on your end, but it is in reality just pending, and it can remain there for several days before your bank removes it. That length of time varies based on your bank. Also, you can’t run a chargeback for a transaction that didn’t actually go through. If in the past your brother charged back a transaction and had his account locked, it’s because he got money back for game time or a service he was actually using.

If you didn’t sign up for a subscription, but bought 3 months of game time in a block, it’s possible you accidentally bought two, but you should’ve received 6 months.

Blizzard isn’t going to e-mail you based off a forum post. If none of this sounds right and you have more questions you should contact billing. I would recommend using live chat or phone callback that way you can get all of your questions answered at once. Use this link -