WoW character armory redirect deprecated


Greetings developers,

We have recently deprecated in entirety the previous implementation of the World of Warcraft website which was accessible via **/, in favor of the more recent implementation accessible via

If your community sites/projects were previously leveraging the redirect from **/character/ to*/character, this redirect has been removed and all requests to ** will now be redirected to the root of

If you wish to update your projects to the new URL pattern on, you may find some additional useful information in our previous post from 2019-02-27.



What about “/vault/character/event” ? It had all the in-game events, including guild’s events.

Lot’s of dev had to parse this page to add the calendar on their website/discord since your API still has no endpoint for the calendar. By the way, we are asking for this endpoint since 2014…


Thanks for the quick reply ! …