WoW Armory API Corruption Statistics


I’m using the wow statistics API to, amongst other things, track corruption level on our guild roster group, however I’m running into an issue.

The API doesn’t seem to track corruption resistance coming from our essences in our heart of azeroth.

In-game, I’m at 43 Corruption, that’s 80 corruption from my equipment (which is correctly tracked) minus 27 from my legendary cloak (correctly tracked) and 10 from my breath of the dying essence (which isn’t tracked!) whereas the API is returning a 53 corruption level, so the 10 corruption resistance from my HOA seems to be missing.

I’m guessing the statistics is adding every stats value from equipped items, and since only the back slot has this statistic, the 10 resistance from my essence is missing. Is there a way to change that perhaps? Or should I track a list of essences ID giving those +10 corruption resistance?


Hi Hwen,

Are you able to provide an example character/request we can use to triage?

Additionally, can you confirm that you are consuming this endpoint from the Profile API?


Hi Maguthul,

My character is this one: Eigan on the EU-Vol’jin server

I’m indeed using

eu.api.blizzard .com/profile/wow/character/voljin/eigan/statistics?namespace=profile-eu&locale=fr_FR&access_token=$TOKEN

to poll my armory statistics (had to include a space since i’m not allowed to post links).

By filtering the returned JSON, I get the following:

“corruption”: 100,
“corruption_resistance”: 27,
“effective_corruption”: 73

However in-game, I’m getting “only” 63 Corruption, I’m guessing that’s because the 10 resistance from my heart of azeroth isn’t being accounted for.