WoW API: Missing Leading Groups from Keystone Leaderboard

I’ve noticed that the Leading Groups data from the WoW Game Data API for Mythic Keystone Leaderboard’s has been missing since the 9.2 Patch has dropped, the period of 842 just before it contained “leading_groups” but now any period since 9.2 seems to not have it.

I hope it hasn’t permanently been removed and is just a bug/mistake, but I also noticed the likes of the leaderboards on the actual World of Warcraft website are failing to return the data too so I’m hoping it really isn’t intended? De Other Side - Mythic Keystone Dungeon Leaderboards (can search through all dungeons and realms, nothing returns at least for me)

I’m not sure how many people use this endpoint of the API when you have the likes of raider io covering the majority of things keystone related (even though surely they’re using it too I thought?), but I did enjoy developing my own discord bot to pull data from this API for personal keys and friends to post little messages when we complete some keys as the raider io API doesn’t provide all the details needed for that kind of thing!

If it’s been moved or I’m missing something then I’m sorry for this thread!

Hey BiGz,

Thanks for letting us know, and apologies for the missing data.
It’s a problem we’ve already located the source of, but the work to get it sorted out is still under way.

Once the fix drops on our end, the endpoints should just start showing the groups again and there shouldn’t be any missing data then, either.
Those missing groups are affecting the WoW site as well.
We don’t have an ETA for the fix yet, I’m afraid, but it’s coming.

Hang in there and thanks again!


Consumers have likely already figured this out, but a fix for this issue was applied during last week’s maintenance, so this should no longer be a problem. If issues with the mythic-keystone-leaderboard API persist, please let us know. Thanks!

Yeah thanks for the updates all, I noticed some realms started working last week and I think the last few that weren’t working seem to be returning now!

I’ll be sure to post again in here if I notice anything strange!

Thanks for the replies and info :smiley: