WoW achievements endpoint is slow

Doing a GET on /profile/wow/character/REALM/CHARACTER/achievements is quite a bit slower than it was to get the same data from the old API. Seems it always takes at least 3-5 seconds but can often be longer. Any chance the performance of this can be improved to match the old API?

Hi Exupery.

I could not reproduce the behavior you described, all my requests took 1-2 sec (not bad considering I’m testing from Brazil).

As you can see in the attached image this request took less than 2sec to complete. I noticed the new API docs page is indeed very slow, but that is related to the json highlight feature and not the actual request.

Can you inspect load times using a browser dev tool just to be sure ?


Indeed, just checked both /achievements and /achievements/statistics via curl and the response times were satisfactory. Seems the library I’m using in my app to parse the json from those two endpoints is actually the bottleneck. My apologies, I should have debugged more thoroughly before posting. Thanks.