WoW achievement API showing character already hit Level 60?

Hello! I am very sorry but am not sure if this is an API problem or in-game problem.

I am trying to prepare my site for a friendly “World First” race. But it appears there is already a character that has gotten the new “Level 60” achievement, even though Shadowlands is not out yet.

Here’s the API call:

 id: 14783,
 achievement: { key: ..., name: 'Level 60', id: 14783 },
 criteria: { id: 2056, is_completed: true },
 completed_timestamp: 1603202650000

But can more easily be seen on the armory:

This is not my account so I can’t see their in-game achievements, so if this ends up being an in-game bug, it would be greatly appreciated if the report could somehow be passed along. This will be a big show-stopper for my site if the dates of achievements cannot be trusted.

Thank you!


Hello, there, I am the guy that has the account and I can confirm that the character actually has the achievement. I’ve contacted support and they have stated that they are looking into it.

In other words, the API is not wrong, I actually do have the achievement - but I shouldn’t have it and support is working on it :slight_smile:


Hello Blizzard! It appears that this problem has happened again. I am not the account owner so I cannot open a support ticket, so I was wondering if anybody can look into Azana on US-Illidan and fix their Level 60 achievement. This unfortunately causes big problems for my leaderboards, right on the verge of the leveling races starting. I appreciate any help you can give. Thank you!