WotLK Classic Features?

I couldn’t find anything else show asked but what are the API features that will be available in WotLK Classic? I have an idea for an app that I toyed with in BfA that would extend well to WotLK Classic but it relies on certain calls.

I assume we’ll be able to see achievement completion for a character in WotLK Classic, but will we also be able to see quest completion?


I would also like to know what to expect from the API for WotLK classic.

Unfortunately we rarely receive any news for upcoming API features. It will most likely be announced just before or even after the launch.

Yuck. That’s unfortunate. I suppose I could build it to the retail API with just a few changes required to get it to run with WotLK Classic but if at a minimum I can’t read achievements and I can’t read quest completion from the API it would be wasted effort.

yae right man its absolute brother