Worst moderators in history

Title says it all.

People being banned for the absolute dumbest reasons but others are just wailing away with cursing and sexual references aimed at other users.

Their Code of Conduct is up to their interpretation.

About like crooked cops who forget they are supposed to simply enforce the law, not think they ARE the law.

At this point, some great games, but just an absolute sinking ship of a company. Hopefully MS guts it all and starts over.


Not to mention the lack of action over bug reports…


Blizzard customer service is the most lackluster excuse for CSR’s to have existed. I was basically told my issue would be ignored if I resubmitted it again - after asking for a manager review both times.

If they worked on my team, they’d be up for regular performance reviews quarterly.


Could not agree more.

Mine were also ignored. There is 0 quality control internally.

I wish they would do an internal audit. I am 1,000% sure the majority would not be adhering to company policy.

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