World Server is down, i tried EVERYTHING!


i literally tried everything but i still cant login into my Character, I also tried The Character Reset Service thing and deleted every Addon, i also repaired WoW. But i still cant login into my character, im freaking out…

CharacterName: Dennisdrood-Blackhand

Can some1 please help me? Thank you very much. The Character Stucks in Court of Stars.

Thanks in advance.


I’m having the exact same problem. Was doing Court of Stars when the server went down and now I can’t login because “World server is down”. The move character service isn’t working and the support tickets just resolve themselves. We need a GM to help ASAP


Hey folks,

Since this an issue with a specific game, World of Warcraft, you need to post in WoW’s forums for the right teams/people to see it.

Moderator Note: This thread is locked as it’s unrelated to the Desktop App.